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Canapé 1

Roasted marinated grape tomatoes on crostini with basil and black pepper

Mini stacker of chickpea and corn, candied red onion & beef

Chicken roulade with soft peas, feta & pepperdews

Wasabi shrimp and avocado on rice cake

Canapé 2

Juicy BBQ beef meatballs

Chilli lime scrimp cups

Tender tikka chicken skewers

Crostini with marinated spaghetti vegetables

Canapé 3

Caramelised pear, Parma ham and rocket with blue cheese

Crostini with horseradish cream and roast beef

Curried chicken coriander tartlets

Roasted peppers and pesto crostini

Canapé 4

Smoked salmon/trout on blini with lemon curd and capers

Thai chicken lollipop with peanut sauce

Olive and feta hot cubes with red pepper basil relish

Sesame beef sosaties

Canapé 5

Sweet chilli shrimp kebab

Lemon and herb marinated mini chicken on the bone

Open Panini with braised brisket, blond onion chutney and blue cheese

Butternut mini quiche

Fork and Walk

Fork and walk 1

– Lighter items –
Pulled beef mini slider with pickled cucumber and mustard sauce

Crispy panko fish qoujons with dill tartar

Malay chicken curry cigars with coriander pesto

Butter grilled aubergine with Asian greens, ricotta and roasted peppers

 Caramelised pumpkin and olive tartlets with sage

– Bowled items –
Chicken a la king with sautéed potatoes (de boned chicken thighs)

Pot roast of slow roasted beef with soft putu pap and fried onions

Risotto with sun-dried tomato pesto and basil

Fork and walk 2

– Lighter items –
Pan-fried beef kebabs with bbq mint sauce

Thai fish fingers with coconut coriander drizzle

Sesame chicken teriyaki on bamboo

Olive bruschetta with balsamic roasted peppers and artichoke

– Bowled items –

Grilled line fish with savoury rice and corn salsa

Masaman beef curry creamed samp and banana yoghurt sambal

Creamy mushroom tagliatelle with arugula and parmesan shavings

Fork and walk 3

– Lighter items –
Sundried tomato and beef on bamboo with basil sauce

Smoked trout on toast with crispy capers

Coconut chicken fingers with parsley aioli

Marinated wild mushroom crostini with garlic greens and sultanas

Asian veg curry cigars with tomato onion salsa

– Bowled items –
Sweet and sour pork with Chinese noodles and crispy cabbage

Paprika cream beef with potato bake

Baked butternut pasta with walnut and oregano

Basil gnocchi with roasted grape tomatoes

Fork and walk 4

– Lighter items –
Crispy pork belly and grilled apricots on sweet corn thyme fritters

Mediterranean flamed calamari kebabs

Chicken koftas with red pepper coulis

Warm onion tartlets with gratinated cheese and thyme

Potato cakes with chickpea mousse and alfalfa

– Bowled items –
Moroccan lamb tagine with scented couscous

Slow braised crispy brisket with tangy red cabbage puree and mushroom jus

Stir fried mixed green beans and broccoli with noodles and sesame ginger dressing

Delicate vegetable moussaka with warm carrot salad



– MENU 1 –

Chicken a la king Basmati rice Green salad

– MENU 2 –

Beef curry
Jasmine Rice
Sambals (Carrots, tomato, coconut)

– MENU 3 –

Beef stroganoff Basmati rice Green salad

– MENU 4 –

Chicken/beef lasagne Green salad

– MENU 5 –

Hake fish Potato wedges Green salad

– MENU 6 –

Periperi chicken portion Potato wedges Green salad

– MENU 7 –

Grilled Cajun chicken breast Smoked hickory tomato pesto pasta salad Green salad

– MENU 8 –

Roast lamb with mint sauce Roasted potato Roasted garden vegetables

– MENU 9 –

Beef/chicken shawarma French Fries

– MENU 10 –

Grilled lamb chops Potato gratin Green salad

Note: minimum 12 pax


On arrival

Choose from our canapé menu and create your own arrival snack


BBQ Chicken Portions, Country Boerewors

BBQ Chicken Portions, Country Boerewors, Marinated Lamb Chop

200g Sirloin Steak, Country Boerewors, BBQ Chicken Portions

Whole Lamb on the Spit

Whole Lamb on the Spit, Chicken Portions

Whole Lamb on the Spit, Country Boerewors


Dijonaise potato salad
Garlic butter baby potato
Potato gratin
Couscous with roasted veggies
Penne pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, basil, black olives and a creamy pesto dressing Garlic ciabatta bread
Bread rolls with butter in a basket
Pap & tomato gravy

Salads and side dishes

Tossed mixed green herbs

Deconstructed/constructed salad (olives, pepperdews, feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onions, lettuce)

Mixed fresh herbs with cubed beetroot, goat cheese, mixed seeds

Grilled aubergines, peppers on a bed of rocket with balsamic dressing

Baby spinach, feta cheese, pepperdews, avo (seasonal) with caesar salad dressing

Baby spinach, watercress, rocket, roasted butternut and feta with cranberry dressing

Broccoli with cranberries and seeds salad with a lemon dressing

Rocket with grilled pears and blue cheese with balsamic dressing

Moroccan spiced corn and red pepper salad with red onion, feta and fresh coriander

Chick pea, aubergine, cucumber & dressing salad

Roasted Cauliflower Salad With Watercress, Walnuts and Gruyère

Roasted butternut, olives & feta salad

Roasted butternut & sweet potato with orange zest

Caramelised butternut with roasted cashew nuts

Roasted butternut and Brussel sprout salad with mustard dressing

Char grilled ranch carrots with herb dressing

Red cabbage coleslaw

Three bean salad

Grilled marinated corn on the cob

Sweet corn & carrot salad

Three been chakalaka

Roasted root vegetables



– MENU 1 –

Spiced grilled chicken with lemon and cashew nuts

Baby potatoes with sundried tomatoes, olives and salsa verde

Roasted pumpkin with coriander

Steamed green and kidney beans with herbed butter

Assorted breads and butter

– MENU 2 – 

Char grilled chicken with roasted peppers, tomatoes, chilli and port

Spinach and goats cheese phyllo bake with toasted pine nuts and tomato Coulis

Roasted potatoes with rosemary and olive oil

Assorted steamed baby vegetables

Assorted breads and butter

– MENU 3 –

Strips of steak in a creamy wild mushroom sauce

Potato dauphinoise au gratin

Roasted beetroot wedges with orange zest and almond slivers

Mediterranean vegetables

Assorted breads and butter

– MENU 4 –

Line fish fillets with cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil

Mixed mushroom risotto with parmesan

Herb roasted butternut and deep fried capers

Rocket and baby green salad

Assorted breads and butter

– MENU 5 –

Roasted lamb with balsamic jus

Braised root vegetables

Sautéed mushrooms with caramelize Spanish onions

Creamed spinach

Assorted breads and butter


– MENU 1 –

Slow cooked classic Beef Stew

Grilled lemon & herb Chicken

Savoury Rice

Roast  herb Potatoes

Blanched broccoli with garlic butter

Roasted carrots with cinnamon and honey

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 2 –

Hearty Beef Potjie

Umleqwa (free range chicken)

Samp & beans (Umngqusho)

Steam bread

Herb basmati rice

Sautéed  Baby Marrow

Roast Butternut with honey & orange zest

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 3 –

Lamb knuckle stew in fresh tomato, garlic & ginger

Grilled  peri peri chicken portions

Brown Rice or Savoury Rice

Flavoured Couscous

Roasted sweet potato & pumpkin with honey

Sautéed green beans with garlic, mustard seeds and toasted almonds

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 4 –

Stuffed Chicken Breasts  with Julienne of Vegetables

Traditional Beef Curry served and Sambals

Basmati Rice

Baby Potatoes with garlic & herbs

Roast Butternut with sundried tomatoes & Fresh Herbs

Sautéed Cauliflower and Broccoli

Fresh Baby Spinach, peppadews, Feta & Crouton Salad

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 5 –

Traditional Chicken Curry served with Rice & Sambals

Roast Lamb with a Red Wine Jus

Roast Baby Potatoes with Rosemary

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Creamed Spinach

Red & White Cabbage Coleslaw

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 6 –

Roast Beef with Gravy

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Basmati Rice

Roast Potatoes

Sautéed baby marrows with Parmesan Cheese & Glazed Onions

Roasted Butternut with orange zest

Assorted Bread Basket

Baby leaf Salad with Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

Kalamata Olives, Cubed Cucumber, Slice Peppers & Feta

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 7 –

Mild Lamb curry with sambals

Chicken schnitzel

Savoury Rice with fresh herbs

Roasted potatoes with basil pesto & cherry tomatoes

Thyme roasted vegetables (carrots, butternut, marrows, red onion)

Broccoli & cranberry Salad

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 8 –

Beef fillet with black pepper & mushroom sauce

Grilled  hake  with lemon butter sauce

Rice with spinach

Roast Potatoes with Dijon mustard & peppers

Baby marrows

Glazed baby carrots with honey & ginger

Chunky beetroot Salad

Choose 1 Dessert

– MENU 9 –

Grilled lamb chop with mint sauce

Grilled chicken portions with olives, dates and capers

Potato dauphinoise au gratin

Cous cous with roasted vegetables

Corn & peas tangy salad

Green garden  salad

Choose 1 Dessert



Each platter serves 12 People

SA platter 

BBQ Beef skewers


Pork/beef ribblets


Mixed platter  

Spicy juicy meatballs

Chicken coriander pies/ chicken kebabs

Spring rolls

Mini fish bites

Vegetarian platter 

Spring rolls

Assorted fresh veggies with dip

Veggie sausages/nuggets

Veggie tartlets

Wrap platter 

 Wraps with a selection of fillings

(mozzarella basil & pesto, cheese & ham/tomato, grilled veggies, beef pastrami, butternut & feta, chicken

Sweet Platter

Consists of your choice of 6 of the following bite size treats 72 in each platter:


Milk tart

Lemon meringue

Millionaire shortbread

Pecan nut pie,


Caramel tart

Passion fruit tart

Choc tart

Apple custard

Red velvet brownies

Chocolate brownies

Apple crumble

Cupcakes: – Various flavors

Petites fours

Plated Menu


Butternut Soup with crème fraiche & croutons

Chicken Caesar salad

Asparagus and Smoked Salmon

Rocket, Parma ham, blue cheese & caramelised pears with balsamic dressing

Shrimp & cheese cigars on fresh herbs

Smoked chicken on waldorf salad

Beetroot & goat cheese tartlet on herbs

(select 1 starter)


– Menu 1 –

Grilled beef fillet with black pepper sauce, potato dauphinoise au gratin, green beans & honey glazed baby carrots

– Menu 2 –

Rack of lamb with red wine sauce, roasted butternut, baby marrows & herb mash potato

– Menu 3 –

Beef short rib in brown sauce served with rice topped with mushrooms and broccoli

– Menu 4 –

Grilled salmon with creamy strawberry risotto, long stem carrot & long stem broccoli

– Menu 5 –

Grilled line fish with lemon butter & caper sauce, roast potato, broccoli, ranch carrots

– Menu 6 –

Roast duck leg with red currents, sugar snaps, red cabbage & potato croquettes Option 6 Stuffed chicken breast with pepperdew & feta served on potato gratin, medley of roast veggies

– Menu 7 –

Grilled chicken breast pepper pesto sauce served vegetable couscous

– Menu 8 –

Wilted Silverbert with spiced chickpeas and crispy potatoes (v)

– Menu 9 –

Spinach & nutmeg cannelloni (v)

– Menu 10 –

Roasted chestnut & herb pesto pasta with mushrooms (v)

Choose 1 Dessert

Dessert Options

Sweet Platter

Consists of your choice of 6 of the below bite size treats :


Milk tart

Lemon meringue

Millionaire shortbread

Pecan nut pie


Caramel tart

Passion fruit tart

Choc tart

Apple custard

Red velvet brownies

Chocolate brownies

Apple crumble

Cupcakes: – Various flavours

Petites fours

Cheese Board

A selection of local and imported cheeses with crackers, bread & preserves