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Fresh YUMM is a division of FRESH Corporation (Pty) Ltd. which is a 100% Black Woman Owned and Managed Company and we are a level 1 BEE contributor.

FRESH YUMM provides professional culinary experiences and has been operating for 6 years.  We have over 16 years extensive experience in Events & Hospitality Services.

We are a service-focused company that aims to provide unique designer distinctly food menus for our clients and even at the comfort of your own home. We constantly introduce innovative solutions by analysing international and local trends. Our exposure to international chefs and industry expects is what keeps us relevant as a company. We are friendly and passionate about our catering and believe in high quality and service management to ultimately create a quality product.

Our team can cater for anything from designer snacks or a sophisticated cocktail party to a full banquet of gourmet meals. We employ passionate chefs who are always striving for customer satisfaction. Using quality ingredients has put us at a competitive edge in the industry that is mostly dominated by huge and long established companies.

Our clients are a mix of corporates and private. We cater for an intimate party of 15 people up to a large-scale event of 3000 people or more.

Our menus can be tailor-made to your requirements, so discuss your needs with us and we can deliver to your specification. We welcome your ideas and strive to satisfy our clients’ personal requests.

We pride ourselves with creating dishes that explode in flavour.




Absie Pantshwa – Managing Director

Having grown up in the Eastern Cape, we were brought up in a culturally rich, dynamic family that set the foundation to our exceptional ambition and passion. Our father was a strong leader and from a young age we were exposed to the inner workings of being an entrepreneur. I hold close a memory shared with my father, that fanned into flame my entrepreneurial spirit. When the question of a monthly allowance was posed to my dad at a young age, his response was “You see that orange tree in the backyard, bearing fruit? You can turn that into an allowance”. After picking, sorting and packaging I managed to sell my oranges at the market down town. I am incredibly grateful for my family’s entrepreneurial path, which afford me a keen work insight that no university or textbook could ever offer. This insight and determination kick started my new beginnings in Johannesburg in 1999. Since then I have never looked back. Fresh RSVP Guest Logistics began in 2006 by identifying a niche in the industry to offer a turnkey service solution approach for corporate events. In 2008 I was elected as Director at CLA Brand & Event Engineering and TechRig Technical Solution Agency in 2009 and certainly listed as one of my entrepreneur highlights in my life. I then embarked on Fresh Elite Experiences and FreshYumm of which is a catering extension to our existing corporation this extension allows specialised Customized Elite Event services.

Mandlakazi Mbete – Founder & Head Chef

My love and passion has been inspired by 2 phenomenal woman in my life. 1 being my mom, of course, the other was one of our helpers who I grew up with. She worked at a hotel and often came home cooking up a storm and impressing us with her delicious dishes.
In grade 6, I decided that all learners should bring a monetary contribution for groceries to cook up a celebratory meal before the weekend. Needless to say, I was the head chef! After I had matriculated my future was driven to pursue my career in Hospitality Management at Technikon Witwatersrand (University of Johannesburg). I was awarded the Top Hospitality student award in 1999 and Graduated with superb results. I spent 4years gaining experience in the industry and shortly thereafter realised that I needed to move into other industries. At this point I doubted my dream to be an executive chef, living out my passion.
Whilst trying my hand at other industries I never lost the flair for entertaining, cooking for my family, it was and always will be my soul rewarding skill for me. No matter how many times I cook the same dish, each time is a new journey of discovery for me this is my MUSE my happy place where every stir in the pot is more soul fulfilling than the last stir. My senses come alive and am I transported to a different world surrounded by the aromas, of herbs and spices when I am in the kitchen.
In 2008 I put my fears behind me, and founded Fresh Yumm, an Exclusive culinary experience and Elite Events service.