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FreshYumm has been investing time in understanding all of the new trends in cuisine and stumbled across such an awesome aspect called green Matcha tea. Matcha is high grade green tea grounded into powder. It originated from china and Japan in the 10th century from the Japanese tea ceremony called the way of tea. The samurais drank it create harmony and a sense of Zen. This wonderful creation is now used in many ways including adding flavour to tea lattes and as a refreshing additive ingredient to many cooking dishes.

Matcha is shade grown which is quite a meticulous process to ensure high amounts of nutrients in the Matcha, once the leaves have been picked they are the steamed to bring out the rich green colour and create a unique flavour profile which is considered as sweet and vegetal. The final stage of making Matcha is to stone ground the leaves after removing the stems and veins which will create a smooth green tea powder.

The health benefits of Matcha include boosting your metabolism and burning calories. It is an effective and natural way to detoxify your body. It helps calm the mind and relax your body. Matcha is very rich in vitamins such as vitamin C, zinc and magnesium which helps to prevent disease. Drinking matcha tea enhances your moods and will also aid in concentration. It consists of many antioxidants and helps decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

But wait…let’s think out of the cup for a moment! Matcha does not only have to be just a drink of choice, it can also be the seasoning to many dishes to give them that extra boost of nutritional value and exquisite taste. Matcha can be added into dishes such as ice cream, salad dressing, Curry and even guacamole. Adding this to such simple dishes gives it that next level, full bodied ,sweet , rich and creamy taste which will make your mouth drool so don’t be shy just give Matcha a try.